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Tokyo governor admonishes lawmaker Maruyama for his remarks on President Obama

(Mainichi: February 20, 2016 – p. 28)


 With U.S. President Barack Obama in mind, House of Councillors member Kazuya Maruyama said at an Upper House constitutional commission session: “He is of black origin. That means slaves.” At a regular press conference on Feb. 19, Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe admonished Maruyama for making the comment by saying: “This is an exceedingly low-level remark.” Regarding discussions at the Upper House panel, Masuzoe said, “Frankly speaking, it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money. He needs to study more since he’s representing the people.” Recalling his days as an Upper House commission member, Masuzoe said; “The commission members didn’t hold gossip sessions. I want the panel to conduct high-level discussions that surpass those by ordinary constitutional scholars.”

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