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Data shows only one bidder for 70% of Fukushima decontamination contracts

  • 2016-02-22 15:00:00
  • , Mainichi
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(Mainichi: February 21, 2016 – Top play)


 Mainichi Shimbun’s investigation shows that of the 29 open tenders for the Environment Ministry’s major decontamination projects from FY2012-FY2015 after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, 22, or 70%, had only one joint venture bidding for and winning the contract. A panel of outside experts called for ensuring competition in 2014, but on the contrary, only one group bid for and won all four contracts in FY2015. Experts point out that the government has made insufficient efforts to encourage competition among multiple companies.


 The Environment Ministry’s bidding data shows that while six out of nine contracts received bids from several joint ventures in FY2012, 19 out of 20 contracts were won by a single bidder from FY2013. Furthermore, of the 11 local governments that had decontamination work done, although nine had multiple bidders, a joint venture led by the same general contractor won contracts in all but one municipality. The bid ratio was also over 99% in 12 cases, with an overall average of 97.6%, which was very high compared to the average for all the ministry’s projects (average bid ratio was 88.5% in FY2014). (Abridged)

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