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17% of non-Ainu Japanese sense discrimination against Ainu people

  • 2016-02-29 15:00:00
  • , Asahi
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(Asahi: February 27, 2016 – p. 4)


 On Feb. 26, the government disclosed the results of a survey of non-Ainu Japanese on the level of their understanding for the native Ainu people. When asked if they think there is discrimination and prejudice against Ainu people today, 17.9% of respondents said they “think there is,” while 50.7% answered they “don’t think so,” and 31.4% said they “don’t know.” In another survey targeting Ainu people, 72.1% said they “think there is” discrimination and prejudice against them, while 19.1% said they “don’t think so,” and 8.8% said they “don’t know.”

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