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Regulations on employment of foreigners to be eased in special economic zones

  • 2016-03-01 15:00:00
  • , Nikkei
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(Nikkei: February 28, 2016 – p. 3)


 The government has finalized proposals for easing regulations on the employment of foreigners in “Cool Japan” related industries, such as animation, design, and fashion, under a national strategic zone program. The move is aimed at increasing the number of foreigners interested in Japanese culture and helping boost exports of Japan’s creative content and attract more foreign visitors.


 The proposals will be approved on March 2 by the Council on National Strategic Special Zones led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Revisions to the strategic special zone law will be presented to the current Diet session for enactment.


 Under the existing system, the employment of foreigners in the fashion, animation, and restaurant fields is restricted. Even foreign nationals who graduate from vocational schools in Japan and receive job offers are deported to their home countries if they are not given a status of residence that permits them to work here.


 The government will work out specific guidelines on statuses of residence after the enactment of the bill. This will, for example, allow foreigners who graduate from art schools to work at Japanese firms as designers. (Abridged)

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