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North Korea preparing cyberattacks on Japan during G7 Summit

(Sentaku: March 2016 – p. 21)


 There is a strong possibility that North Korea may launch cyberattacks on Japan this May. The G7 Ise-Shima Summit will be held in late May and the Japanese government is coordinating behind the scenes to issue a statement condemning North Korea’s nuclear test and ballistic missile launching.


 North Korea will also be holding the first national congress of the Worker’s Party of Korea in 36 years in May. An intelligence source says this will be “another ceremony to advertise First Secretary Kim Jong Un’s rule of North Korea.” If a Japan-initiated statement critical of North Korea is issued at this time, North Korea is certain to attack Japan.


 Kim Yong Chol was appointed director of the United Front Department, the top organ for espionage against Japan, in January. He has been chief of the Reconnaissance Bureau, which has a cyberattack unit, and is believed to be serving concurrently in that capacity. He was responsible for directing cyberattacks against U.S. companies and the ROK in recent years and “enjoys Kim Jong Un’s trust for his aggressiveness,” according to the above source.


 Apparently, “the Defense Ministry is already taking all possible measures to deal with this,” and other government offices and private companies “need to be prepared,” according to an informed source.

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