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“Hiroshima Declaration” to encourage world leaders to visit A-bombed city

TV Asahi reported at noon that it learned that the “Hiroshima Declaration” that will be issued after the G7 Foreign Ministerial meeting will include words to encourage world leaders to visit the A-bombed city. The network quoted FM Kishida as telling reporters this morning: “[The ministers] will be exposed to the various realities of the atomic bombing, and it is important for them to see various things with their own eyes and hearts.” The network also said the declaration is also expected to refer to “transparency of nuclear weapons” to stress the necessity to disclose the amount of nuclear weapons nations possess. In addition, the declaration is expected to emphasize that nuclear arms reduction should be carried out under a multilateral framework instead of relying on the individual efforts of the nuclear powers. A TV-Asahi reporter said that the GOJ is hoping to highlight in the declaration that nuclear weapons are “inhumane,” adding that since nuclear powers are against the idea, the key is whether the GOJ will be able to persuade nuclear powers over the next two days.

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