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Secretary Kerry, FM Kishida agree to jointly lead nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation efforts

unnamed (12)NHK reported this morning that visiting Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Kishida held a bilateral meeting for about 40 minutes this morning on the sidelines of the G7 Foreign Ministerial Meeting in Hiroshima and agreed on the importance of both nations continuing to take the lead in nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation efforts. The network quoted FM Kishida as saying: “Today will be a historic day as I will be visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park with Secretary Kerry and other G7 foreign ministers. I hope to send to the world a clear and powerful message of peace from Hiroshima.” The Secretary was quoted as saying: “I hope the visit will underscore to the world the importance of peace and the importance of strong allies working together to make the world safer and ultimately to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction.” The network said the two ministers also confirmed continued efforts to reduce the base-hosting burden on Okinawa and to obtain congressional approval for the early effectuation of the TPP. All other networks carried similar stories, with NTV saying that the Secretary did not refer to the possibility of President Obama visiting Hiroshima.


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