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Secretary Kerry’s “gut-wrenching” Hiroshima visit reverberates in cyberspace

Japanese netizens have largely reacted positively to Secretary of State Kerry’s historic tour of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum. Hundreds of tweets have been posted on what the Secretary called his “gut-wrenching” experience in Hiroshima. Ambassador Kennedy’s tweet quoting Secretary Kerry’s message on his visit has been shared 584 times, with some of accompanying comments expressing gratitude for the Ambassador’s efforts to make his Hiroshima tour possible. One follower said he was impressed by the Secretary offering a wreath and visiting the museum, while another netizen said: “President Obama, please come to Hiroshima for whatever reason. Many people would view it as a half-step forward.” Still, a number of Twitter users took issue with the absence of an apology, although they were met with counterarguments, one of which read: “Those who insist on an apology fail to understand that the Secretary’s visit marked a step forward.” Another skeptic said: “Secretary Kerry and President Obama will not visit Hiroshima to make an apology. Instead, they aim to limit calls for Japan to go nuclear.”

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