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Education minister asks for U.S. cooperation at G7 Education Ministers’ Meeting

埋め込み画像 1Kyoiku Shimbun, a newspaper that focuses on education, reported online that Minister of Education Hase met with Ambassador Kennedy at the Ministry of Education on Thursday and asked for U.S. cooperation in the G7 Education Ministers’ Meeting scheduled for May 14 and 15 in Kurashiki. According to the paper, Minister Hase told the Ambassador: “Japan and the U.S. must maintain close communication and take the lead in discussions on education-related issues.” The Ambassador reportedly responded by saying: “Education is the most important sector among the various sectors where Japan and the U.S. are cooperating. I am excited about the G7 Education Ministers’ Meeting.” In addition, the two officials reportedly confirmed bilateral cooperation in CULCON, which is slated for June 12 and 13 in Tokyo.

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