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Netizens respond positively to U.S. assistance using USMC Ospreys

In response to DM Nakatani’s announcement that Japan asked for U.S. disaster relief assistance using USMC Ospreys in Kyushu, many netizens responded positively and expressed appreciation for the U.S. assistance. Alpinist Ken Noguchi (@kennoguchi0821) tweeted: “U.S. Ospreys flew from Okinawa to provide disaster relief assistance during the major earthquake in Nepal. Ospreys saved many people, as it is an excellent aircraft both in terms of flight distance and load capacity.” This has been retweeted 392 times and received 216 likes. A USMC (@mcipacpao) tweet saying that four Ospreys left Futenma for Iwakuni for disaster relief assistance in Kyushu, with a photo of an Osprey taking off, has been retweeted 5,031 times and received 2,926 likes. While some posted comments critical of Ospreys, the majority of people expressed appreciation for the U.S. support. In addition, many netizens expressed displeasure with people who are complaining about the Osprey’s safety, including one Twitter user (sis_sis@sis_sis) who said: “Some people say, ‘Why are they using Ospreys?’ But why are they ignoring the important fact that the aircraft can carry stuff to many places and it is better to have many means of transportation. They urge the GOJ to deliver goods swiftly but they deny the means. It is so unnatural. Are they anti-government?” This tweet has been retweeted 245 times.


Meanwhile, former diplomat Ukeru Magosaki’s (@magosaki_ukeru) tweet, in which he criticized the GOJ for requesting U.S. Osprey assistance, was retweeted 803 times. He wrote: “The way the GOJ is handling the Kumamoto earthquake is horrible. At such a time, the chief cabinet secretary is stressing the need to create an article in the Constitution on emergency situations and PM Abe has requested transport assistance using U.S. aircraft. Ospreys in Futenma base are being considered. Do local municipalities and the SDF really need to use Ospreys?” However, many netizens responded negatively to the tweet, posting comments admonishing Magosaki for criticizing the government during an emergency. One said, “What’s wrong with using Ospreys?” while others said, “Then why don’t you go and help them yourself?”

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