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Kumamoto quakes cause 102 billion yen damage to agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Estimates by the Kumamoto Prefectural Government on May 1 show that damages caused by the Kumamoto earthquakes on agriculture, forestry and fisheries amount to over 102.2 billion yen. The earthquakes affected broad-ranging sectors, from the local specialties watermelons and livestock to reservoirs and fishing ports. The scale of damage to agriculture, forestry and fisheries is unprecedented, exceeding the amount during the Hanshin earthquake in 1995 (90 billion yen).


This figure was arrived at by adding up damages reported by the municipal governments plus the prefectural government’s own estimates.


In the agricultural sector (damages amounting to approximately 76.7 billion yen), damaged reservoirs and surface of farm roads and so forth were worth 48.1 billion yen, representing almost 50% of total damages in this sector.


Many livestock sheds and hothouses were also ruined, with agricultural facilities suffering 27.6 billion yen worth of damages.


Lost agricultural and livestock products also accounted for 1.1 billion yen.


Landslides occurring on hillsides in all areas of Kumamoto caused 23.5 billion yen damages to the forestry industry.


Ruined embankment of fishing ports in the cities of Kumamoto and Uki resulted in 1.9 billion yen damages to the fisheries industry.


Total damages to agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Kumamoto Prefecture exceed the record damages caused by typhoon no. 18 in 1999 (80 billion yen). (Abridged)

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