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52% are against revision of Article 9, Mainichi Shimbun poll

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the implementation of the Constitution of Japan. In the nationwide public opinion poll that the Mainichi Shimbun conducted ahead of Constitution Day, pollees were asked whether they thought Article 9 should be amended. More than half (52%) said “no,” greatly exceeding the 27% who said “yes.” When asked whether the Constitution should be amended, respondents were equally divided at 42%.


These results show that there is particularly strong-rooted caution regarding the revision of Article 9, with the recent implementation of the security-related legislation that permits Japan to exercise its right to collective self-defense. In the survey conducted in April 2015, a full 55% of pollees said Article 9 should be not be amended while 27% said it should be.


Among cabinet supporters, 59% said that the Constitution should be amended while 27% responded otherwise, and 42% indicated that Article 9 should be revised while 38% said no. Meanwhile, 26% of nonsupporters of the cabinet said the Constitution should be amended while 61% disagreed, and 12% said Article 9 should be amended while 71% said it should not be.


PM Abe has stated his desire to obtain a two-thirds majority in both houses of the Diet so as to move forward with constitutional revision. Some 47% said they don’t want to see groups in favor of amendment capturing a majority of two-thirds or more in the July Upper House election, while 34% said otherwise.


The survey was conducted on April 16–17.


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