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White House press secretary says President does not need to apologize if he visits Hiroshima

NHK and TV-Asahi reported that White House Press Secretary Earnest told reporters on Monday that if President Obama visits Hiroshima after the Ise-Shima Summit in May, the President does not need to offer a formal apology over the atomic bombing. NHK said Washington is still studying the possibility of the President visiting Hiroshima, while TV-Asahi said the White House is making final arrangements for the President’s first-ever trip to Hiroshima. NHK said while President Obama would be the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, there are deep-seated views in the U.S. that the atomic bombings saved the lives of many American service members. The network also said that both The New York Times and Washington Post wrote in editorials that they support the idea of the President visiting Hiroshima, adding that as the Ise-Shima Summit is less than a month away, the White House is expected to reach a decision in the near future.

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