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Collective lawsuit claims security law unconstitutional

  • April 27, 2016
  • , Sankei , p. 24
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About five hundred people filed a class-action lawsuit against the government in the Tokyo district court on Wednesday claiming that the security-related laws are unconstitutional. The lawsuit asks for a halt to the deployment of Self Defense Forces based on the security laws and payment of 100,000 yen per person as compensation for damages.


The group consisting of lawyers and laymen, called “the group for litigation against the unconstitutional security-related laws,” has initiated a movement for litigation at courts nationwide. The group filed its first suit in Tokyo. On the same day, 200 people gathered to sue the government for damages at the Fukushima district court’s Iwaki branch. The Tokyo members of the group requested a halt to the SDF deployments on the grounds that the exercise of the right of collective self-defense violates the Constitution’s Article 9 and may lead to irreparable damages. The group says its members live in fear of involvement in terrorist attacks and wars resulting from an actual SDF deployment. The compensation is for the loss of the right to live a peaceful life.


According to the group, some of its members are survivors of the WWII air raids or Siberian labor camps.


The group plans to file lawsuits in more than ten prefectures nationwide including Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.

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