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Gist of Japan-France summit meeting on May 2



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Despicable terrorism is absolutely unforgivable. (Our two countries) should work closely and exercise leadership. The G7 Ise-Shima Summit will announce a joint action program against terrorism.


President Francois Hollande: We would like to respond to terrorism through greater efforts to exchange information among the European countries. We will welcome a G7 action plan.


World economy


Abe: Structural reforms and fiscal policies are also necessary in addition to monetary policy.


Hollande: The G7 Summit must stress (our posture of promoting) economic growth. Fiscal policies need to be flexible, and policies to increase demand are important.


Abe, Hollande: The G7 nations need to implement fiscal spending responsively. We attach importance to the stability of the exchange rate, and drastic fluctuation is undesirable.


Climate change


Abe, Hollande: Our two countries will cooperate for the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement (the new global warming prevention framework).


South China Sea


Abe, Hollande: We share common concerns about China’s efforts to build a military stronghold.


Hollande: This issue also needs to be considered at the G7 Summit.


North Korea


Abe, Hollande: Adherence to the UN Security Council resolution demanding that North Korea abandon its nuclear programs is essential.


Panama Papers


Hollande: It is necessary for the G7 to reaffirm their position on tax evasion.


Abe: Let us discuss this at the Summit.

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