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Japanese Twitter users bracing for “President Trump”

Thousands of tweets have been posted following Donald Trump’s resounding victory in Indiana that made him the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. According to Yahoo Real-time analytics, almost 30% of the messages were negative in tone. The negative comments included: “Donald Trump as president would be scary. Asia would surely collapse,” “If he were elected president, we would have no choice but to move to Mars,” and “If he became president, American would become weak.”


Some of Internet users were particularly apprehensive and alarmed by the growing possibility that Japan would be put in a very difficult position if he were elected and followed through with what appears to be his “unrealistic” approach toward Tokyo, such as demanding the GOJ foot the bill for maintaining the U.S. military presence. In fact, a Kyodo story on Donald Trump’s latest remarks to CNN that “Japan should pay all the expenses” for maintaining U.S. bases in Japan has been retweeted heavily.


LDP Diet member Hiroshi Yamada said: “President Donald Trump would be a ‘wakeup call’ for Japan, just like Commodore Perry’s black ships were in the Edo period. He would shake up the Japanese people, who have been ‘peace addicts’ for the past seven decades…. Japan would be embroiled in a heated debate on whether to go nuclear or opt for unarmed neutrality.” One netizen wrote, “Japan’s security setup and basic policies are greatly influenced by America. In a sense, the selection of a new U.S. president has a greater impact on Japan than the choice of its own prime minister,” while another said, “Japanese politicians must be prepared for ‘President Trump,’ as their foremost task is to prepare for the worst.”

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