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86% of LGBTs in Japan say they have experienced abusive slurs at school, HRW poll

  • May 7, 2016
  • , Nikkei , p. 38
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On May 6, Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights organization, released a report on its survey on school bullying of Japanese lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students. Of the about 450 LGBTs under age 25 who responded to the survey, 86% said that they had heard homophobic slurs from peers or teachers. As many as 29% of pollees said they had “heard teachers use such language.”


The report said, “Anti-bullying policies and teacher training are inadequate. Hate-filled words drive children to loathe themselves and harm themselves.” The report called the Japanese government to make training on sexuality issues mandatory for teachers. The online survey was conducted last year of transgender, gay, and other LGBTs. Those who had already graduated were asked about their experiences when they were at school. Kanae Doi, a lawyer and Japan director at HRW, commented, “Japan has started to discuss LGBT human rights in Japan, but understanding is still low.”



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