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Experts discuss Russo-Japanese relations, North Korea

  • May 8, 2016
  • , NHK
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Kyoto Sangyo University Professor Kazuhiko Togo, Research Director at the Canon Institute for Global Studies Kunihiko Miyake, Hosei University Professor Nobuo Shimotomai, and Waseda University Professor Lee Jong Won discussed Japan’s relations with Russia, including Prime Minister Abe’s bilateral talks with President Putin last week, and North Korea. All of the panelists welcomed the Abe-Putin meeting as an effort to make a fresh start for Russo-Japanese relations. Miyake stressed that it is necessary for Japan to develop a policy toward Russia in the context of global strategy, adding that it will become necessary for Moscow in the future to improve its ties with Tokyo when it develops strategy toward China. Shimotomai said that Abe’s eight-point proposal of economic assistance for Russia in such areas as oil and gas production, development of the Russian Far East, and construction of medical centers was appropriate because they fit the needs of Russia. All of the discussants expressed concern over Russia’s strengthened practical control of the Northern Territories. Concerning North Korea, the panelists expressed concern that its nuclear and missile development is gradually becoming a real threat.

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