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White House to announce soon whether President Obama will visit Hiroshima

NHK reported this morning that White House Press Secretary Earnest told reporters on Monday that the White House will soon announce whether President Obama will travel to Hiroshima when he visits Japan for the Ise-Shima Summit scheduled for May 26-27. Press Secretary Earnest reportedly said “the President expressed interest in visiting Hiroshima when he visited Japan in 2009” and pointed out that the President, who hopes for a world without nuclear weapons, has been positive about visiting the A-bombed city since he took office. Earnest was also quoted as saying: “Given that the President is scheduled to depart for Asia next week, our work to plan that trip must be completed relatively soon.” Noting that the New York Times carried remarks on Monday by a former senior USG official encouraging the President to visit Hiroshima but also pointed out that such a visit could be interpreted as an apology for the atomic bombing, the network said attention is focused on the President’s decision.

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