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GOJ welcomes President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima

Concerning President Obama’s decision to visit Hiroshima later this month, NHK quoted Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga as telling reporters this morning: “The visit will be an extremely important and historic opportunity to commemorate all of the victims and boost international momentum toward a world free of nuclear weapons…. It is extremely important for us to work with the U.S. government to pursue realistic and steady efforts to create a peaceful and safe world without nuclear weapons in order to ensure that the nuclear weapons that brought great devastation to human beings will never be used again.”


TV-Asahi said the GOJ and the USG had been making arrangements for a possible visit to Hiroshima by the President since Secretary Kerry’s visit to the city, saying that the two governments have agreed that Japan will not seek an apology from the President over the atomic bombing and that PM Abe and President Obama will jointly send out a message of “never repeating the tragic history of Hiroshima.” The network added that Ambassador Kennedy played an instrumental role in encouraging both Secretary Kerry and President Obama to visit the city.


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