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U.S. Navy plans to continue using Atsugi even after relocating carrier air wing to Iwakuni

  • May 12, 2016
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , Top play
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Thursday evening’s Tokyo Shimbun gave top play to a report claiming that the U.S. Naval Forces Japan disclosed its plan on Wednesday to continue to use Naval Air Facility Atsugi for training and other purposes even after a Navy carrier air wing is relocated from Atsugi to MCAS Iwakuni around 2017. The paper quoted NAF Atsugi operations officer John Pitta as telling reporters when takeoff and landing training on the island of Iwoto was opened to the press on Wednesday that Atsugi will continue to be a backup facility for Iwakuni in the event of foul weather. The paper wrote that a difference has emerged between the U.S. and Japan over whether to continue to use Atsugi because the Japanese government has expressed its position that training will basically not take place at Atsugi after the relocation.

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