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Japan’s basic education knowhow to be included in G7 “Kurashiki Declaration”

  • May 13, 2016
  • , Sankei , p. 2
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Japan’s holistic educational approach to developing well-balanced children with knowledge, virtue, and good health will be included in a “Kurashiki Declaration,” which the education ministers of the G7 nations will issue after their two-day session in Kurashiki through May 15, according to a draft disclosed on May 12. It will also call for developing female human resources in engineering and science fields. The G7 partners will work out the final wording of the text and are expected to announce it on May 15.


The G7 Kurashiki ministerial meeting will mainly discuss the role of education and measures to improve learning in the new era.


The “Kurashiki Declaration” will focus on the development of the qualities and capabilities required for the new era and stress the importance of fostering a vision that will lead better lives when engaging with society and the world, in addition to acquiring knowledge and being able to apply it. These ideas form the bedrock of Japan’s basic education and have been praised by various countries. The declaration is expected to encompass these ideas as basic and practical goals.


The outline includes giving women capacity-building opportunities throughout their lives and in particular developing female human resources in science and engineering fields through education.


The draft also points out that professional development for teachers is indispensable to enhance children’s qualities and capabilities. It stresses the importance of teachers’ collaboration with people from different cultural backgrounds and fostering global perspectives. It calls on the G7 partners to work together to develop globally-minded teachers.


Action guidelines will also be drawn up to implement the declaration. (Slightly abridged)

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