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42% will vote for LDP in proportional representation part of Upper House election, Yomiuri poll

  • May 16, 2016
  • , Yomiuri , p. 4
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In the nationwide public opinion poll conducted by the Yomiuri Shimbun (May 13–15), respondents were asked which political party they would vote for in the proportional representation segment of the Upper House election this summer. Some 42% said that they would vote for the Liberal Democratic Party, up slightly from the 39% in the previous poll (conducted April 1–3). Those selecting the Democratic Party (Minshinto) remained level at 11% (previous poll: 11%). Following these two were the Komeito and Initiatives from Osaka both at 5% and the Japanese Communist Party at 3%.


When asked which policy or issue they would prioritize in deciding how to vote in the Upper House election, 32% said “social security, including pensions” while 30% indicated “the economy and jobs” and 13% cited “childrearing support.” Differences by age group were apparent, as witnessed by the fact that 37% of respondents in their thirties cited “childrearing support.”


Asked whether they would vote, 56% said they would “definitely go vote” while 35% replied they “intend to vote if possible.” The percentage of those who said they would “definitely go vote” declined the younger the age group, with only 29% of those in the 18–29 age group indicating that they would “definitely go vote.” Those aged 18 or 19 will vote for the first time in the upcoming Upper House election.


Views on the holding of a Lower House election on the same day as the Upper House election this summer have shifted. Pollees who said it is okay to hold a double election declined to 42% (previous poll: 46%). Meanwhile, 44% of respondents said that it would be better to “not hold a double election” (previous poll: 38%).


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