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G7 environment ministers wrap up discussions on measures against global warming 

Most papers reported on the conclusion of the two-day G7 environmental ministerial meeting in Toyoma, focusing on the participants’ agreement on regulating hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are more potent greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. Noting that the released joint declaration expressed “support for the phased reduction of HFCs,” Mainichi quoted EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy as saying in a press conference: “The chances are high that advanced countries and developing nations will forge a consensus on the reduction in July” when a relevant UN conference is held.   Nikkei quoted her as saying: “This accord [on HFCs] marks major progress…. I am confident that we will be able to persuade the developing nations [to agree to the reductions]. The chances are high that the issue of HFC regulation will be resolved in July if advanced countries are united.” NHK’s “News 7” on Monday evening reported that the environment ministers also agreed to cut global per-capita food waste by 2030 and cooperate in promoting the recycling of food waste for biomass power generation.

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