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Civilian base worker arrested over missing woman in Okinawa

  • May 20, 2016
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All papers and networks reported on the arrest of a U.S. civilian base employee in Okinawa on Thursday on suspicion of abandoning the body of a woman who had been missing for almost three weeks. The Okinawa police recovered the body of the victim on Thursday afternoon. The suspect, who is in his 30s and works as an engineer at Kadena AB, has reportedly admitted to the charge and indicated that he murdered the victim. The man is subject to the SOFA because he is a member of the civilian component, but his case will be processed under Japanese legal procedures since the incident took place while he was off duty. Mainichi said the SOFA has not stood in the way of the police investigation thus far since the U.S. military did not detain him, quoting a Kantei source as saying: “The USFJ has offered cooperation expeditiously.”  

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