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USFJ planning to ban off-base drinking for a month

Plans are underway for the U.S. Forces in Japan to revise the “liberty policy,” which regulates off-duty behavior of U.S. servicemen, following the incident in which a U.S. civilian base worker abandoned a body. According to sources familiar with the matter, the USFJ is considering banning all military personnel, including U.S. civilian contractors, who are protected under the Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement, from drinking, dining and staying overnight outside bases for a month. The decision will be made by May 27 and the ban will be implemented that day. The measure will be implemented for a month on a provisional basis.


According to sources, a ban on off-base drinking, dining-out and overnight stays will apply to all personnel covered by the SOFA. In addition to military personnel, civilian contract workers will likely be included.

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