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Origami cranes and a hug from Obama in Hiroshima

NHK’s “News Watch 9” aired a six-minute story on the origami cranes that President Obama folded himself and presented to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The brother of Sadako Sasaki, a hibakusha who is remembered for the origami cranes she folded before she died at the age of 12, told the network that he was surprised that President made origami cranes and took them to Hiroshima, adding that the President’s visit to Hiroshima helped to achieve reconciliation.


TBS’s “News 23” aired a five-minute report on Shigeaki Mori, who spent decades researching the 12 American POWs who were killed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and exchanged an emotional embrace with President Obama during the ceremony last week. One of the bereaved American family members told the broadcaster that she shed tears of joy when she saw the exchange between the President and Mori and that she doesn’t know anyone who deserves to be recognized by the President more than Mori.

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