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About 20 Upper House members not seeking reelection: Kyodo survey

Of the members of the House of Councillors whose term will expire on July 25, about 20 are not seeking reelection in the upcoming race, Kyodo has learned through June 1. They include Upper House Budget Committee Chairman Koichi Kishi from the Liberal Democratic Party and Upper House Vice-President Azuma Koshiishi from the Democratic Party.


In the LDP, former Education Minister Kenji Kosaka is not running in the race, as he needs to focus on his medical treatment. Masashi Waki, a former LDP member, will also step down. The former LDP secretary-general of the chamber left the party to oppose its electoral system reform for the Upper House.


In the DP, former Upper House President Satsuki Eda, former Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa, and former Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Masayuki Naoshima will retire.


From the Komeito party, Kiyotaka Araki, chairman of the party’s Diet affairs committee in the Upper House, will also bow out.


Katsuhiko Eguchi, advisor to Diet members in the Initiatives from Osaka, and Ryo Shuhama, vice president at People’s Life Party, plan to retire from politics. (Abridged)

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