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Government to launch programs for development of tourism specialists

  • June 3, 2016
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
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The Japan Tourism Agency plans to launch industry-government-academia programs to foster future entrepreneurs and management personnel in the tourism industry.


The agency plans to establish graduate schools offering master of business administration (MBA) programs specializing in tourism. The agency will also develop a tourism business management curriculum for universities offering tourism-related undergraduate programs. The government hopes to improve the domestic environment for hosting a growing number of foreign tourists.


This summer, a committee for developing human resources in the tourism industry will start discussing the details of the establishment of graduate schools. The participants in the committee will include representatives of hotels, private inns, travel agencies, and universities. The committee will try to allocate funds for the plan in 2017 budget.


The agency will encourage existing universities to set up the graduate schools and accept 20 – 30 mid-career students annually. Over 40 universities in Japan currently have tourism-related undergraduate programs. However, most of them do not include curricula on tourism business management. The government plans to create a new model curriculum to be used for classes at the universities. (Abridged)

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