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South Korea rejects port call by MSDF vessel

  • June 5, 2016
  • , Sankei , Lead story
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Sunday morning’s Sankei gave top play to a report on the finding that South Korea refused port calls by foreign vessels, including an MSDF vessel, to Jeju Island where a closing ceremony for the Pacific Reach joint military exercise was to be held on June 3. The paper said the ROK government decided to cancel port calls by foreign vessels after the South Korean media reacted sharply to an MSDF vessel raising its Rising Sun flag when entering a port on May 24. One media outlet reportedly said the flag is a symbol of Japan’s militarism. Sankei noted, however, that under international law, military vessels must raise their national flags or naval ensigns when entering foreign ports, quoting a senior MSDF official as saying that there is nothing wrong with raising the flag.  

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