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Debate on Abenomics

  • June 5, 2016
  • , NHK
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In NHK’s Sunday talk show “Nichiyo Toron,” senior officials of ruling and opposition parties discussed the Abe administration’s economic policy, which will be the key campaign issue for the upcoming Upper House election in July. Ruling representatives defended Abenomics, with LDP Upper House Policy Council Chairman Tsuruho defending it by saying that economic fundamentals have steadily improved and there is no economic data pointing to the failure of Abenomics. He also said there is a gap between the figures indicating solid economic performance and the people’s sense of the current state of the economy, and the LDP wants voters to understand that more time will be needed to close this gap.


On the other hand, the opposition bloc heavily criticized the GOJ’s economic policy. DP Upper House Secretary General Ogawa said that PM Abe promised in the last general election that the economy would become strong enough to withstand the hike in the consumption tax and the fact that Abe has not been able to fulfill this pledge shows that Abenomics has failed.

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