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USFJ to review crime prevention measures

The two major Okinawa papers front-paged the latest DUI case involving a U.S. sailor in Okinawa, highlighting a USFJ announcement on Sunday that USFJ Commander Dolan spoke by phone with Ambassador Kennedy and PACOM Commander Harris to discuss the incident and agreed to conduct a detailed review of existing measures to prevent misconduct. According to Ryukyu Shimpo, the three officials expressed their resolve to take all possible actions to root out accidents and promised to cooperate with each other so that the Japanese government can take corrective measures swiftly in the event of misconduct. The papers also spotlighted the Okinawan people’s outrage, emphasizing that the U.S. military has already disregarded the “period of mourning” intended as an expression of apology for the recent murder case involving a U.S. base worker. 

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