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U.S. seeking settlement over 2006 murder case in Yokosuka

Asahi wrote in its city news section that since last year the USG has been asking the family of the victim of the murder committed by a Yokosuka-based sailor in 2006 to accept a settlement by offering a lump sum of some 26 million yen. The family has reportedly turned down the offer in part because the amount is only 40% of the compensation that the final court ordered the former service member to pay. The bereaved family is dissatisfied with the U.S. proposal because both the USG and the defendant would be excused from civil liability. While the negotiations between the USG and the family are still being conducted through the Defense Ministry, the family is insisting that the court-ordered amount be paid in full if the U.S. insists on exemption from civil liability. Although the GOJ will be able to pay the remaining amount under a SOFA-related arrangement, the family is demanding the payment of the entire amount by the USG in the belief that this would help eradicate misconduct by U.S. military personnel.

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