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JTA promotes tourism strategy in cooperation with municipalities and private sector

  • June 6, 2016
  • , Nikkei evening edition , Lead story
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New organizations that will become the control towers for formulating regional strategies for tourism are being established across the nation. There are many cases in which new organizations are working across wide areas through joint efforts by the public and private sectors. Unlike conventional tourism associations, they do not simply conduct public relations for popular tourist destinations but develop tourism products that take advantage of local attractions. Eighty-one organizations have already registered with the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) under the program. The agency intends to revitalize regional economies by encouraging more foreigners and Japanese people to travel to rural areas by developing tourism products under the leadership of regional municipalities.


The new organizations are called destination management/marketing organizations (DMOs). The JTA assists organizations that have registered with the agency. The main feature of this system is that the agency is involved not only in PR activities, but also in market research and analysis as well as developing specific tourism products. The agency will promote the work of formulating tourism strategy with the participation of a wide range of people from the cultural, sports, and agricultural sectors. The JTA will cooperate closely with the private sector in such areas as hiring skilled personnel and sharing business knowhow. It will also work jointly with prefectures and municipalities in promoting tourism across broad areas. (Abridged)


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