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Ambassador Kennedy encourages young people in Akita to have global perspective

The Akita Sakigake ran an exclusive interview with Ambassador Kennedy on Thursday. When asked her impression of Akita International University, the Ambassador reportedly said that she was impressed by its thoughtful and knowledgeable students, expressing her hope that they will become citizens with a global perspective. Concerning U.S.-Japan relations, the Ambassador reportedly said that whether the two nations will be able to further strengthen their relations depends on the young generation and that it is important for young people to develop the ability to solve global issues by studying abroad or exchanging views with foreign students.


About President Obama’s recent visit to Hiroshima, the Ambassador reportedly said that the visit symbolized the path taken together by the U.S. and Japan over the past 70 years and their shared advocacy of democracy, peace, and human rights. The Ambassador added that the Japanese people’s warm welcome deeply impressed the President and that she is glad to have witnessed that historic moment.

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