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Japan to seek Diet approval of Paris climate agreement this year

Sunday’s Sankei wrote that the GOJ is making arrangements to discuss during an extraordinary Diet session in the fall approval of the Paris Agreement on climate change, which was reached at the COP 21 meeting in 2015. Although the GOJ had originally planned to discuss the issue during an ordinary session in 2017, it now plans to move up the schedule to approve the agreement by the end of this year. The GOJ is moving up the schedule out of concern that the United States may withdraw from the accord if Donald Trump is elected president. There is a view within the government, though, that discussing the issue during the next Diet session in the fall may be difficult because the parliament needs to discuss such important subjects as a supplementary budget for fiscal 2016 and the TPP bills. However, the leaders’ declaration issued at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit included the goal to have the Paris Agreement enter into force in 2016.


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