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Eight political parties’ posters for Upper House election

With the House of Councillors election approaching on July 10, posters of the ruling and opposition parties can be seen everywhere. The typical poster has the photo of the party leader plus a catchphrase that is easy to remember. One poster is text only. Some parties prepared several types of posters depending on where the posters are being used.




[Above are the posters of eight political parties, from right to left, top row to second row; translation of their slogans below]


Liberal Democratic Party

Advance on this path, vigorously

Democratic Party

First, don’t let them take 2/3 majority


Build a nation of hope

Japanese Communist Party

Work together to open up the future

Initiatives from Osaka (Osaka Ishin no Kai)

Smash old politics; create new politics

Social Democratic Party

Stop reckless Abe politics

People’s Life Party

People’s life first

Party for Japanese Kokoro

(no slogan)



  • Ambassador
  • G7 Summit
  • Ukraine