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Former Defense Minister Koike to run in Tokyo gubernatorial race

  • June 29, 2016
  • , All TV networks
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All networks reported at noon that LDP member Yuriko Koike, a former defense minister, announced her candidacy for the Tokyo gubernatorial election next month. A TV Asahi reporter said members of the LDP Tokyo chapter are outraged at Koike’s sudden announcement, since the LDP was right in the middle of trying to persuade Shun Sakurai, a former vice minister of the Internal Affairs Ministry, to run in the election. He said the Koike camp assessed that it can sway public opinion in its favor by criticizing the former governor over his handling of the Tokyo Olympics, saying it expects that the angrier the LDP Tokyo chapter becomes, the more support Koike will receive. The reporter also said LDP members of the Ishiba faction are thought to be behind Koike’s moves, saying that depending on the results of the election, they are hoping to initiate a leadership race within the LDP.

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