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SDF personnel given more training in preparation for “real-world combat” overseas

  • July 6, 2016
  • , TVAsahi
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TV-Asahi’sunnamed “Hodo Station” reported that following the enactment of the comprehensive security laws last September that expand the scope of Japan’s military operations overseas, more SDFtraining drills are designed to enable personnel to engage in real combat. It highlighted a trilateral exercise among the U.S., Australia, and Japan held in Australia in May, in which SDF soldiers took part in urban warfare training. An unidentified GSDF solider said: “The amount of live ammunition that we are allowed to fire during a drill has increased drastically to about 300 rounds per person…. There is no question that SDF personnel would get wounded or killed when they were deployed abroad if training formats remain the same at a time when terrorists and potential enemies are constantly updating their weapons and combat techniques.” He underscored that greater discretion will be given to commanders in the field so that they can make tactical decisions more flexibly and in a timely manner in response to changing combat situations. A recently retired SDF general projected that chances are high that SDF personnel will exchange fire with foes overseas, as Japan will probably be forced to carry out military operations “in sync” with the U.S. military. He explained that SDF training at home is becoming more “offense-oriented.”   

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