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Opposition suffers setback

All Monday papers wrote that unified opposition candidates prevailed in eleven out of the 32 single-seat districts, mostly in the Tohoku and Koshinetsu regions, thanks to close cooperation among the four opposition parties. This was a major accomplishment since only two opposition candidates won in the same 32 districts in the previous Upper House election in 2013. However, opposition cooperation did not work in western Japan, which has traditionally been a bastion of LDP support. The largest opposition DP won 32 out of its 45 seats up for grabs, suffering a setback.


The dailies said DP President Okada will nevertheless probably stay on and may seek reelection in the September presidential race, suspecting that intense discussions will be held within the DP over whether it should continue to deepen collaboration with the JCP and other opposition parties, as some conservative party legislators are not necessarily pleased with stronger election cooperation with the communists.   

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