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28 women elected to Upper House, a postwar record-high

  • July 11, 2016
  • , Mainichi evening edition , p. 3
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Of the 96 women who ran in the Upper House elections, 28 were elected, setting a record-high for the postwar period. This represents 23.1% of the 121 seats up for election.


Some 17 women – the highest number ever – were elected in the constituency vote. Women took two of the seats in Tokyo (six seats up for election) and two in Osaka (four seats up for election). A total of 11 women were elected in the proportional representation vote.


The Abe administration has set the goal of “having women make up 30% of those in leadership positions by 2020.” By political party, women made up 17.9% of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) candidates elected. LDP women won 10 seats, the highest number of any party, but they did not make up 30% of all LDP members elected.


All 3 women backed by the Komeito won, but they still made up only 21.4% of newly elected Komeito Diet members.


Of the 11 women running with Democratic Party backing, 7 took Upper House seats. The Japanese Communist Party fielded 20 female candidates, the most of any political party, but only 2 were elected.


Turning to other parties, women were elected as follows: Independent: 2; Initiatives from Osaka: 2; Social Democratic Party: 1; People’s Life Party: 1.


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