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23% of Komeito supporters voted for opposition parties’ unified candidates in single-seat constituency segment, Kyodo News exit poll

  • July 12, 2016
  • , Mainichi , p. 15
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The voting behavior of political party supporters in the 32 single-seat constituencies (one seat up for election) was analyzed based on the results of the July 10 exit poll conducted by Kyodo News. Some 88% of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) supporters reported that they voted for the LDP candidates while 10% said they had cast their ballot for the unified candidates fielded by the opposition parties. In contrast, 71% of Komeito supporters said they voted for LDP candidates while 23% voted for opposition party candidates. This reveals a gap in the level of backing among supporters of the two parties of the ruling coalition.


In Miyagi and Oita where Democratic Party (DP) candidates were elected, 30% of Komeito supporters reported having voted for the DP candidate. It is thought that the higher-than-overall-average rate of Komeito supporters voting for opposition party candidates impacted the results of the election.


Some 90% of DP supporters reported having cast their ballot for the opposition parties’ unified candidates. This is roughly equivalent to the percentage of LDP supporters voting for the LDP candidates. More than 80% of Japanese Communist Party (JCP), Social Democratic Party (SDP), and People’s Life Party (PLP) supporters said they voted for the unified candidates.


Initiatives from Osaka supporters were divided, with 48% voting for the opposition parties’ unified candidates and 36% casting their ballot for the LDP candidates. In Gunma, where the LDP candidate won, Initiatives from Osaka supporters split their votes between the LDP and the DP candidates.


Political party support rates found in the exit poll were as follows: LDP: 38%; DP: 16%; Komeito: 6%; JCP: 6%; Initiatives from Osaka: 5%; SDP: 2%, and PLP: 1%.


Independents made up 21% of voters. Some 56% of them reported having voted for opposition parties’ unified candidates and 38% for LDP candidates.


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