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Gun battle near GSDF camp in South Sudan

  • July 12, 2016
  • , NHK
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NHK reported at noon that Japanese nationals are still trapped in Juba, South Sudan, due to the ongoing violence, while Fuji TV reported at noon on a gun battle that occurred near the GSDF camp in Juba, South Sudan, around July 10 and 11, in which 8 died and about 60 were injured. Fuji TV said that according to a defense source, no Japanese were involved in the battle. The network said the ASDF’s three C-130 airplanes are expected to arrive in Juba as early as Thursday.


According to the network, FM Kishida told reporters this morning that MOFA raised the travel warning level for Juba from “avoid all travel” to “evacuate and avoid all travel.” The network added that there are about 350 SDF personnel and 80 embassy staff in South Sudan, and that the safety of all of them has been confirmed. Kishida also disclosed that the GOJ is considering requesting foreign military assistance in evacuating the Japanese nationals in order to prioritize ensuring their safety.

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