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Teen voter turnout less than national average

  • July 12, 2016
  • , Mainichi , p. 2
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The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on Monday surveyed selected districts (187) and announced that overall turnout of voters aged 18 and 19 was 45.45%, which is 9.25pt lower than the all voter turnout (54.7%). The government and political parties put considerable energy into information campaigns for the teenage voters, who became eligible to vote in national elections for the first time. The teen voter turnout did not reflect their efforts. 51.17% of the 18 years-olds voted, while only 39.66% of the 19 year-olds cast a vote. Among the ones who voted in two age groups, 43.43% were male and 47.58% were female. (Breakdown by age and gender to the left).


This time, overall voter turnout was the fourth lowest in the Upper House elections. In the proportional representation segment, turnout was 54.69%, up 2.08pt from the last election. (Abridged)


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