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Senior White House official calls on China to abide by tribunal’s decision

TBS reported at noon that NSC Senior Director for Asian Affairs Kritenbrink called on China on Tuesday to follow the ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague that there is no legal basis for China’s claim of historic rights to resources within the “nine-dash line” in the South China Sea. He was quoted as saying: “The tribunal’s decision is final and legally binding on both China and the Philippines. In today’s statement, the United States expresses its hope and its expectation that both parties will comply with their obligations.” The senior White House official also reportedly said the U.S. will not accept rules that are different from the rule of law, with China’s maritime advancement in mind. He also said the U.S. will continue its Freedom of Navigation operation in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. reportedly said at the same venue that China does not need to follow the ruling since China did not agree to arbitration.


NHK quoted Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga as telling reporters: “[The ruling] is final and legally binding on the nations concerned based on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. We strongly hope that the nations involved will follow the ruling and bring a peaceful solution to the conflicts in the South China Sea.” Suga also reportedly said Japan will continue to work closely with other nations to ensure that the rule of law is carried through in the South China Sea.

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