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49% “opposed” to constitutional amendment under the Abe administration, Nikkei poll

  • July 25, 2016
  • , Nikkei , p. 2
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When respondents to the Nikkei Inc./TV Tokyo public opinion poll [conducted July 22–24] were asked whether they were in favor or opposed to constitutional amendment under the Abe administration, 49% said they were opposed while 38% said they were in favor. Some 57% of LDP supporters were in favor, but only 18% of independents said the same. Even among LDP supporters, 29% were opposed while 63% of independents and 83% of DP supporters were also negative about revision. Komeito supporters were split with over 40% in favor and over 40% opposed although those opposed outnumbered those in favor.


When the same question was asked in the January poll, 34% were opposed to constitutional amendment under the Abe administration while 46% were in favor.


LDP support rate rises to 46%


Turning to political party support, 46% of respondents reported they back the LDP, which is an increase of 4 percentage points from the poll taken on July 3–5 during the final stages of campaigning for the Upper House election. Support for the Democratic Party was down by 3 points to 11%. It is thought that the victory of the ruling parties in the Upper House elections had an impact. Support for the Japanese Communist Party remained unchanged at 6%. Backing for Initiatives from Osaka was 5% while that for the Komeito was 3% and that for the Party for Japanese Kokoro was 1%. Some 24% reported they were independent, which is an increase of 10 points.

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