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Experts discuss tribunal ruling on South China Sea

  • July 24, 2016
  • , NHK
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Former Ambassador to Washington Ichiro Fujisaki welcomed the recent ruling by the International Arbitration Tribunal that rejected China’s claims in the South China Sea by saying it was a clear and reasonable decision. Kanda University of International Studies Professor Ichiro Korogi said the ruling represents a diplomatic failure on the part of China because it ignored the Philippines’ strong dissatisfaction over Beijing’s self-serving actions in the region. However, Toyo Gakuen University Professor Zhu Jianrong defended China’s position by insisting that the international court has no jurisdiction over the issue. Keio University Associate Professor Ken Jimbo observed that the U.S. is calmly watching the development of the matter by urging all interested parties to resolve territorial disputes in a peaceful manner. The scholar added, though, that the United States probably has a fundamental distrust of China.

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