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Democratic platform to pledge stronger U.S.-Japan alliance

Monday evening’s Nikkei front-paged a report from Washington saying that the Democratic Party plans to state in a party platform to be adopted at its convention on July 25-28 that it will strengthen the U.S. alliance with Japan. The platform will stress the importance of upholding the Obama administration’s “rebalancing toward Asia” policy by saying that the United States will deepen its relationships with its allies, including Japan, and fulfill its historic commitment to Japan. By referring to this “historic commitment,” the party pledged to defend Japan based on the U.S.-Japan security treaty. This pledge contrasts sharply with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s view on possibly withdrawing the U.S. forces from Japan if Tokyo refuses to bear the entire cost of stationing them there. The platform will criticize North Korea for its ballistic missile and nuclear tests and say that Donald Trump has encouraged the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region by praising North Korea’s dictator and threatening to abandon the alliance with Japan and South Korea. The policy document will also say that the Democratic Party will defend the U.S. and its allies and call on China to urge North Korea to exercise restraint, making it clear that Pyongyang’s only option is to abandon its nuclear and missile development.

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