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Foreign trainees working in 80% of municipalities

  • July 24, 2016
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 4
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Kyodo News reported on Saturday that a survey they conducted shows that 1,240 municipalities (77%) have trainees (including interns) registered as residents. According to the same survey, the trainees form the biggest group among resident foreigners in 467 municipalities. 1,396 municipalities (87%) have permanent residents, showing the trend of foreigners settling in Japan.


The number of municipalities that answered they need to increase foreign residents was 32%, which is close to triple the percentage of those that answered they don’t need to increase (13%).


Reasons cited for accepting more foreigners as residents in the multiple answer question are: securing labor force (67%), internationalization (50%), and increased tax revenue (29%). The municipalities that hope to increase foreign residents are concentrated mainly in agricultural and manufacturing areas.


42% of the municipalities call for the improvement of remuneration for the foreign trainees (multiple answers). The remuneration issue was the source of concern more than any others.


The survey was done between May and July, involving 1,612 municipalities (93% of all) and all of the prefectural governments. (Abridged)


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