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Hosoda may serve as LDP Acting Secretary General until Tanigaki recovers

  • July 28, 2016
  • , NTV
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NTV reported at noon that PM Abe officially announced today that he will reshuffle his cabinet and the LDP leadership on Aug. 3. The network said if Tanigaki is likely to return by the extraordinary Diet session in September, the premier is considering having LDP Acting Secretary General Hosoda fill in for Tanigaki until he recovers from his injury. The network said, however, that if Tanigaki’s recovery is expected to take a long time, the premier may promote Hosoda or appoint FM Kishida or LDP General Council Chairman Nikai to replace Tanigaki.


Meanwhile, Fuji TV reported that Toshimitsu Motegi, chairman of the LDP’s election strategy committee, may be appointed to an important cabinet minister post as a reward for leading the party to victory in the Upper House election, and Shinjiro Koizumi, Director of the LDP’s Agriculture and Forestry Division, may be appointed to a senior vice minister position.

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